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Real-Time Operations Management

for businesses that need to ensure safe,
reliable and efficient performance.


Elektron Technology creates and develops products and services that Connect, Monitor and Control. The operational and financial resources of Bulgin, its established business allow it to invest in Checkit, an early stage high growth business that provides a real-time operations management system. In addition the Group owns a designer of ophthalmic screeners, Elektron Eye Technology.


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Welcome to Elektron Technology’s Investor Relations Centre. Elektron Technology plc is listed on AIM, part of the London Stock Exchange.

In accordance with AIM Rule 26 Information, as stipulated by the London Stock Exchange, all AIM-quoted companies are required to disclose certain information on their corporate website.

In compliance with this rule, Elektron Technology plc (incorporated in England & Wales registered number 448274) has provided the required information on this site.

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Financial calendar

Year End 31st January 2018
Announcement of preliminary results May 2018
AGM 20 June 2018
Half-year end 31 July 2018
Announcement of interim results September 2018

Major shareholders

186,100,851 ordinary shares of 5p each, with voting rights. The Company does not hold any ordinary shares in treasury. There is no restriction on the transfer of the Company’s AIM securities.


Major shareholders

D&A Income Limited – 24.13%
Mr K Daley – 11.67% †
Ruffer LLP – 10.91%
Chelverton Asset Management Limited – 5.37%
Mr J Kinder – 4.93%
Elektron Technology 2012 Employee Benefit Trust – 4.35%

† Exclusive of share options held by the Trustee of the Elektron Technology 2012 Employee Benefit Trust

In so far as the Company is aware, the percentage of issued shares that is not in public hands – 48.27%

Last updated: 5th December 2018

Directors’ shareholdings

Mr K Daley – 11.67%*
Mr J Wilson – 1.40%*
Mr P Welch – 0.13%
Mr A Weatherstone – 0.02%*
Mr G Ciuccio – 0.01%

* Exclusive of share options


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Meet our directors

  • Keith Daley

    Executive Chairman

    Keith Daley

    Executive Chairman

    Appointed to the Board in 2004 and as Chairman in 2008, Keith originally trained as a corporate banker. He is an experienced serial entrepreneur and Chairman with a strong sales and marketing focus. He has bought, invested in, managed and sold numerous businesses over the past 30 years.

    Keith chairs the Checkit and EET boards in an Executive capacity. He operates as a Non-Executive for Bulgin as well as taking functional responsibility for HR, Marketing and Legal. He leads on all corporate finance transactions such as acquisitions and disposals.

  • John Wilson

    Chief Executive Officer

    John Wilson

    Chief Executive Officer

    Appointed to the Board in August 2010 and as Chief Executive Officer in December 2010, John originally joined Elektron Technology in March 2008 as Technical Director. Prior to this he had spent his career in senior management positions in the UK and North America as well as consulting for a world-leading technology consultancy.

    John chairs Bulgin in an Executive capacity, acts as CEO for EET and Checkit, as well as taking functional responsibility for quality, technology and product development. He takes the lead on sales outside the UK and spends a significant amount of time overseas.

  • Andy Weatherstone

    Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary

    Andy Weatherstone

    Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary

    Appointed to the Board in January 2014, Andy is a Chartered Account with over 20 years’ experience at main board level within the small UK public quoted companies sector. He initially developed his career with KPMG before moving into industry, where he has built up significant experience in both financial and operational management of global-based manufacturing.

    Andy leads the finance function and, in addition, takes functional responsibility for IT. He is responsible for the Group’s manufacturing operations as COO. Andy was appointed as Company Secretary in October 2016.

  • Peter Welch

    Non-executive Director

    Peter Welch

    Non-executive Director

    Appointed to the Board in September 2015, Peter as spent the majority of his career in the insurance industry and held a number of senior roles at Hiscox plc (a FTSE 250 company) for 15 years until 2005. In 2006 he was one of the three founders of N+1 Singer Capital Markets, a SmallCap institutional stockbroking business with a focus on a number of sectors, including technology. Peter continues to act as a consultant with N+1 Singer on a part-time basis. Peter chairs both the Remuneration and Audit Committees.

  • Giovanni Ciuccio

    Non-executive Director

    Giovanni Ciuccio

    Non-executive Director

    Appointed to the Board in September 2015, Giovanni is currently employed as an investment analyst/portfolio manager at D&A Income Limited, which is a principal shareholder in Elektron. Giovanni trained as a Charted Accountant in South Africa, starting his career with KPMG before moving into investment banking at Barclays Bank Plc and investment management thereafter. Giovanni has extensive experience in capital markets, structured finance and valuation. Giovanni is also a CFA charterholder.

  • Audit Committee

    Audit Committee

    The Audit Committee comprises Peter Welch, as Chairman, and Giovanni Ciuccio.

    The Audit Committee reviews the Group’s annual report, financial statements, interim statement and preliminary announcements before recommending their approval to the Board. This process involves meeting with the external auditors to discuss issues relating to the audit and financial control of the Group. The Audit Committee also reviews the Company’s internal financial controls and risk management systems, the scope of the audit and the independence and objectivity of the auditors. The auditors have direct access, should they so require, to the Chairman of the Audit Committee.

  • Remuneration Committee

    Remuneration Committee

    The Remuneration Committee comprises Peter Welch, as Chairman, and Giovanni Ciuccio.

    The Remuneration Committee makes recommendations to the Board on the executive remuneration policy and determines specific remuneration packages for each of the executive Directors. The aim of the Remuneration Committee is to provide total remuneration packages which attract, retain and motivate executive Directors of the appropriate calibre. The remuneration policy is intended to reward excellent performance, to be commercially competitive and to align the interests of employees with those of shareholders to create value. The remuneration of the non-executive Directors is determined by the Board as a whole although no non-executive Director is present when his own fees are under discussion.

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