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Queensgate - nano positioning stages, actuators and sensors

What we look for

Elektron Technology, Cambridge

At Elektron Technology, we aspire to best-in-class performance from every one of our products, and we expect nothing less from our employees. We look for individuals who are passionate about what they do, excited at the prospect of joining a dynamic, expanding company and eager to contribute to its future success.

Innovation is key to what we do. We expect ideas and initiative to come not just from the top, but from anywhere and everywhere within the company. All of our people are empowered and involved in our success – and we’re looking for more people to join them. People who think independently and relish new challenges. People who can communicate effectively, build relationships and work as part of a team. People who are motivated, adaptable and just as ready to learn from others as they are to share their own skills.

With such a diverse product portfolio, Elektron Technology provides a huge range of different opportunities to prospective employees. Talent, experience and attitude are all important but, alongside excellence in their specialist area, we look for people who can see the bigger picture. We look for people who understand how their work crosses over with that of other disciplines and departments and contributes to the goals of the group as a whole.

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