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Queensgate - nano positioning stages, actuators and sensors

Product Line Management, Sales, Marketing

Product Line Management

Our Product Line Managers act as the ‘owner’ of their product, defining the strategy and specifications for new products and steering them through development and launch.

Our Product Line Managers come to us from a range of different backgrounds, but they share a thorough understanding of the broad range of disciplines that must combine to make their product a success. Each Product Line Manager must bring together a multifunctional team drawn from all areas of the company, from sales and marketing to engineering and manufacturing, to deliver success and build on the reputation of our world-class brands.

We look for outstanding individuals with excellent communication skills who are able to think analytically, act pragmatically and keep a firm hold on budget. Organised, team-focused and comfortable working within an international company with global reach, our Product Line Managers are driven by the desire to succeed and create something new.


Our sales teams are focused on sales by brand and therefore have specialist knowledge of the requirements of their customers and the markets they operate in. They can therefore provide value to both the customer and Elektron, increasing our sales.

We work on bespoke solutions for our customers and get involved in very varied and challenging applications. We look for dynamic, self-starters to join our sales team – people who show initiative and have a hunger to achieve

The Elektron sales function adds value to our business, by recruiting people with a proven track record of success and expertise in their specific product areas.                


The Marketing team is tasked with fostering and developing demand for Elektron Technology’s products and services, building brand awareness and loyalty for the Group as a whole.

With an incredibly diverse portfolio of innovative products and world-class brands, aimed at a global audience, Elektron offers exceptional opportunities for career development. Our internal and external marketing and communications activities cover the full range of online and offline media, and we constantly look for new ways to engage and communicate with our audience.

Operating as a team, we work closely with Product Line Managers and other internal departments to develop creative ideas and strategies that deliver. That’s why we view a strong team work ethic, coupled with individual drive, determination and creative thinking, as key to our success.