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Queensgate - nano positioning stages, actuators and sensors

Operations, Procurement, Quality, Service


The Operations team ensures that all products are manufactured in line with latest available technologies and processes. We employ lean manufacturing techniques to ensure that our product range is manufactured in the most efficient and cost-effective way while still guaranteeing the high quality standards our customers have come to expect.

The Operations team orchestrates the actions of Logistics, Quality, Manufacturing, Maintenance, Engineering and new product introduction to ensure fast, efficient manufacturing and maintain the profitability of the company day to day, year to year. We look for individuals who have the vision to see the manufacturing process as a whole and understand the effect that their decisions have on all parts of the business.

Thanks to the unique nature of our product range, we employ a wide range of challenging production technologies, some of which are particularly specialized. For the right candidate, we can offer a dynamic production environment with exposure to this wide range of processes and techniques, and the opportunity to work with a great team of manufacturing professionals who are dedicated to meeting the highest standards in all they do.


The procurement team at Elektron Technology works closely with a wide range of stakeholders to make sure we source the products and services that meet our complex needs.

Our Procurement specialists work with a diverse supplier base, negotiating hard for the best possible deal. In a fast moving environment, you will need to be able to think and act quickly to deliver the best possible goods and services.

We need dedicated procurement professionals to drive the savings and efficiencies that allow us to compete in dynamic markets and expand into new ones.

Quality & EHS

We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality excellence – a prerequisite to all of the Elektron Technology brands.

Our Quality & EHS (Environmental, Health & Safety) professionals act as our customer advocates. It’s their job to ensure that our employees are continually focused on providing high-quality products and that Elektron Technology is a best-in-class provider of solutions, delivery, service and support. In addition, we promote environmentally friendly health and safety practices within the company.

We’re looking for capable and experienced Quality & EHS professional who are excited by the opportunity to join a dynamic, expanding company and help shape its future growth.


The Service team at Elektron Technology provides the opportunity to work on a diverse range of equipment across a diverse range of markets.

We support and interact with all areas of the company, and our engineers are self-starters who are able to work well both independently and as part of a team.

We’re looking for talented team members who are natural problem-solvers, happy to be customer-facing and willing to travel to serve a diverse and dynamic global business.