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Queensgate - nano positioning stages, actuators and sensors

HR, Finance, IT


Our HR team works as an integral part of a fast-moving and constantly evolving business to deliver practical, value-added, commercial solutions. 

Commercially focused professionals, we work closely with our business partners throughout the Group to recruit and develop innovative, pro-active and talented teams who will embrace and deliver the Company’s strategic business goals. 

Our team culture is to engage with people who are passionate about developing quality-led changes in technology, people who want to be part of our current and future success, and this is what sets our HR Team apart from traditional HR functions.


The Finance team at Elektron covers all the ‘normal’ areas you would expect, but it’s also about making a difference.

From accounting and reporting to improving financial control, and from advising our commercial teams to working within cross-functional groups to develop and launch new products, the Finance team plays a key role in adding value for the organisation.

We’re looking for people who are thorough and diligent but with an enquiring mind, people constantly seeking the next improvement.


The IT team at Elektron has a challenging brief, managing the IT requirements of a forward-looking, tech-savvy company across multiple offices and manufacturing sites worldwide.

We work closely with all areas of the business, providing crucial support services. But we also look for ways to make things better, so an understanding of the company and its goals is important.

We look for team players who boast not just strong technical knowledge and practical experience, but great people skills too.