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Checkit -  Real-Time Operations Management

New Checkit smart wireless food safety monitoring helps reduce food borne illness

Checkit wireless food safety monitoringIt is estimated that each year in the UK:

  • around a million people suffer a foodborne illness
  • around 20,000 people receive hospital treatment due to foodborne illness
  • there are around 500 deaths caused by foodborne illness
  • it costs nearly £1.5 billion

February 27, 2013: Checkit represents a step change in food safety monitoring, offering a smart wireless solution that is completely paperless and avoids the need for manual checks, often made by staff poorly trained in food hygiene. Launched today by Elektron Technology, Checkit is affordable, simple to install and can be up and running within 30 minutes to protect any hot or cold food preparation and storage area.

Restaurants and food outlets with a high turnover of staff and inexperienced managers, combined with the constant pressure to cut costs, can lead to a systemic lack of hygiene procedures and corners being cut. With Checkit, the process of food safety monitoring is automated and the smart wireless technology sends alarms to PCs, tablets or smartphones if there is a problem with food temperature, door status or humidity.

HACCP without pain

Checkit dramatically speeds up time-consuming and costly Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point (HACCP) processes and reporting. Checkit offers a fully-audited, automated system with secure electronic data storage for continuous monitoring of temperature, humidity, door status and hygiene checks in food production, service and retail industries. Checkit’s smart wireless sensors ensure 24×7 monitoring without the need for manual checks and flexible, hand-held units collect food temperature and hygiene data at the press of a button, reducing the risk of human error. All data is time-stamped and downloaded to a centralised database, which automatically generates food safety compliance reports, along with a full audit trail.

“Facing increasing cost pressures, competition and compliance demands, restaurants and foodservice businesses simply can’t afford to take risks with their food safety monitoring,” said Dr. Martin Nash, Product Manager at Elektron Technology. “A faulty refrigerator alone can result in thousands of dollars of food spoilage, while a food borne illness or failure to meet HACCP requirements can damage reputations and lead to costly litigation and in extreme cases, closure. Checkit mitigates these risks and saves time, money and energy costs by combining advanced wireless technology with real-time data collection, analysis, reporting and alarm notification.”

The flexible, modular system is fully scalable for any type of food operation, from a single local site through to demanding multi-site operations, using intuitive web-based software to configure, monitor and manage the complete network from one location. All food safety data is stored and archived centrally for trend analysis and food storage optimisation, providing a full audit trail in case of site inspections or future investigations.


Launch of Checkit

Checkit launches at the International Restaurant and Foodservice Show in Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City. Booth #1516.

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Figures for food borne illness taken from Food Standards Agency UK

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