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Checkit -  Automated monitoring and work management software

About us

From ground-breaking ophthalmic screening that could save your eyesight, to connectors that carry power and data signals through the most hazardous and challenging environments, our products are about solving pressing problems through lateral thinking, practical engineering and cutting-edge technology. Employing over 1,000 people, we deliver these solutions to more than 7,000 distribution partners spanning more than 125 countries, with over 100,000 end-users across all seven continents – and in outer space.

We create and develop products for the networked, always-on world. Products that monitor, control and connect. Products used in thousands of ways that affect our everyday lives. Combining the dynamism of a start-up with the resources of a global player, Elektron Technology is home to a diverse collection of brands:

Bulgin - connectors and switches

Ensuring a constant supply of power and data is fundamental in today’s economy. Downtime is simply not an option. That’s why we develop high-quality, flexible connectivity and switching solutions for the most demanding applications.
Instrumentation, monitoring and control

In our always-on world, networked measurement, monitoring and control are crucial. All over the world, our products are helping customers to quantify real-world environments, processes this data and act on the results.

Checkit work management and automated monitoring solution gives organisations the ability to see whether checks have been completed over multi-sites and locations. The benefit, complete peace of mind and hassle free quality management.