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Whether it’s a restaurant, shop or manufacturer, there are many challenges when it comes to running a multi-site food business. When one location could tarnish the reputation of an entire brand, one of the biggest and most important challenges is ensuring consistent food safety standards across all locations.

Earlier this year Elektron Technology hosted a webinar entitled ‘Taking the Pain out of HACCP’. The webinar looked at the role of new technology in improving HACCP processes and featured a panel of industry experts. This White Paper is a detailed write-up of that discussion.

Recent design-ins and applications for Elektron connectivity products

Bulgin – an Elektron Technology connectivity brand – is pleased to announce the launch of its new line of IP68 and IP69K rated piezo switches, designed to meet the needs of a wide range of demanding applications. In contrast to conventional switches, piezo switches have no moving mechanical parts, making them extremely resilient and capable of enduring millions of actuations, offering long-life operation in even the harshest environments.

Food retailers are increasing pressure on food manufacturers and processors to demonstrate continuous monitoring of Critical Control Points (CCPs), including food temperatures, hygiene checks and using systems that enhance traceability and accountability for data capture and review.

With the increasing globalisation of the food supply chain and the commoditisation of food products, we can expect food safety regulations to become increasingly complex in the future. The growing requirements to monitor rigorously in order to control the risks, both up and down the supply chain, are leaving food businesses under pressure from both internal and external influences.

The majority of food businesses still collect food safety records using pen and paper, which can be a time-consuming process and is far from infallible. Fortunately, new Cloud based software is drastically changing the way HACCP data is collected and stored.

Recent design-ins and applications for Elektron products

Join our expert panel on March 27th for a fascinating discussion on how to improve HACCP record taking.

Recent design-ins and applications for Elektron products

Elektron Technology showcased the latest addition to Bulgin’s Buccaneer® range of dust and waterproof mains power connectors at Southern Manufacturing & Electronics 2014.